Epoxy application:

Epoxy floor coverings are a floor covering system being applied to the concrete surface in a thick liquid form, having high endurance and resistance with resin-based firm adhesion properties, as well as having a heavy load capacity. It can be applied to the concrete surface in different thicknesses and with a wide range of colors. It is possible to put this system into operation during a short period of time.

Epoxy floor coverings’ field of application:

Depending on its operating designation and style of application it can be applied to the following fields:

  • Textile and Garment Factories
  • Food industry
  • Car garages and parking areas
  • Industrial facilities
  • Hospitals
  • Sports grounds

Advantages of epoxy system:

  • Long-lasting
  • Heavy load capacity
  • Hygienic
  • Quick application
  • Provides aestheticism
  • Provides a non-slip surface (with non-slip system)


Epoxy systems:

It is applied by roller brush (roller). It forms a thin layer on the concrete surface. It is a system intended for pedestrians and light vehicles. It can be applied in order to prevent formation of dust. The system is recommended to be used in food, medicine warehouses, offices, building entrances, corridors, staircases, industrial kitchens, hospitals, shops, restaurants, pedestrian movement areas, etc. areas. In addition, it is also applied on self-levelling, multi-layer, mortar and other epoxy systems as marking paint and road marking paint.

Epoxy self-levelling system compared to coating system has an ability to take a much heavier load. Along with places where pedestrians work, it can also be applied in the areas where heavy transport vehicles and forklifts operate. It is a floor covering system which can be easily cleaned and which has a dust-repellent property. So it can be used in production facilities where medicines are prepared, as well as in sterile areas of hospitals, electric power plants and all types of industrial facilities. It is resistant to the effects of chemicals. Self-levelling system is a one-piece floor covering system which forms bright, hard and smooth surfaces from corroded, grooved and damaged concrete surfaces. It is applied in textile, food, pharmaceutical production facilities, electrical facilities, machinery production plants, hospitals, chemical plants, furniture industry, plastic production facilities, sports complexes, offices, shops and all kinds of facilities where anti-bacterial conditions are required.

It is a robust and resistant epoxy floor covering system which can be applied in factories, shopping malls, warehouses, cold water tanks, filling stations, garages, fields being regularly in contact with water, areas where non-slippage is required, areas where pedestrians and transport vehicles work. It can be applied without joints and additional space; it is dust-resistant, easy to clean, hygienic, resistant to abrasion and impacts; it has high resistance to acids and chemical influences.