Waterproofing Insulation (with cement-based material):

One of the types of insulation materials used in water and moisture isolation is waterproofing materials.

Along with being widely spread in channels, water reservoirs, pump houses, etc. facilities, it is also suitable to apply such type of insulation to roofs, terraces, balconies, window corners of apartments, etc. dedicated places. If there exist cracks and lesions or damages on concrete surface, at first concrete surface should be repaired by means of special repair materials; then the first layer of insulation is applied. 3 or 4 layers can be applied due to the demand. Special insulation nets or meshes are used in order to increase elasticity and flexibility on curtain walls of water pools.

It has the following advantages:

– Mechanical endurance or stability

– Elasticity or flexibility

– Heat resistance or heat tolerance

– Chemical resistance